Success Stories

What was the problem you needed help with before we started working together? I’d hurt my back after an exercise class but it wasn’t getting better after a week. I was starting to walk differently and get pain in my hip too.

Why did you choose to visit me for help?….and what (if any) worries or concerns did you have before attending? I’ve had Emmett Technique before and knew it could help, so wanted to see someone locally.
What has the process been like of working with me? Michael was very professional, calm and knowledgeable. He took a careful and detailed consultation to best understand how I’d hurt my back.
What is the one (or two) best results you have got from working with me? I had immediate relief from the acute pain during the first treatment, which was brilliant. I left the session walking with a lot more ease. As was explained, I felt the full benefit of the treatment within a couple of days. I had a few more sessions to support this correction and have felt great since.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Completely recommend Michael and the Emmett Technique in general – excellent results!


(back pain & hip pain) Dec 2021

What was the problem you needed help with before we started working together?
Sore lower back, runner’s knee, tight upper back
Why did you choose to visit me for help?….and what (if any) worries or concerns did you have before attending?
Wanted to attain pre-Covid fitness and form
What has the process been like of working with me?
Very professional, interesting array of techniques, Covid-safe procedures in place
What is the one (or two) best results you have got from working with me?
Walking out of appointment with greater range of movement than on going in!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Will be booking further appointments now the running season has opened!

(runners knee and back pain) 2021

I had on-going issues with both a ‘golfer’s elbow’ and a ‘rotator cuff’ issue on one shoulder, and then both shoulders – these had been issues for up to 8 months. Michael had been recommended to me via Brighton Outdoor Fitness. Before seeing Michael, I had concerns that maybe treatment with him wouldn’t help as I had previously seen a physio who had explained that my shoulders weren’t going to be an easy “fix!”. Michael turned out to be professional and knowledgeable – he explained the theory and biology behind his Massage and EMMETT Techniques. My ‘golfer’s elbow’ has completely disappeared and stayed that way. Also, my shoulders are much better with his work – I just need to take more care of them! Prevention therefore! – I fully recommend Michael Jarvis Massage – both the EMMETT Technique and the Massage seem to work a treat! 


(pain in both shoulders and elbow) 2020

Why did you choose to visit me for help?…..I’ve had this pain before and painkillers do work but I didn’t want to take them continuously. It’s probably caused by me grinding my teeth at night when I’m stressed. My dentist prescribed a very expensive gum shield, but it broke so I need to get another one. Michael has used the Emmett techniques previously on my glutes and it worked well. I was surprised when I read in his Christmas newsletter that it was also recommended for TM joint pain.

What has the process been like of working with me?…..It was interesting. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my jaw, and some of the movements involved links with one of Michael’s hands on the top of my head and the other under my chin. We had an interesting chat about placebos and nocebos.

What is the one (or two) best results you have got from working with me?…..This worked as well as the Emmett technique had worked on my glutes. In both cases the pain had disappeared when I left his therapy room, and came back in a milder form the following day. It then faded more the next day and was gone the day after that. The treatment was about a month ago and I have had no recurrence of the pain.

Is there anything else you would like to add?…..I was very pleased, and will certainly return if I have any other joint pains or strained muscles. Much better than the GP’s solution of painkilling drugs.


(jaw pain) 2020

I have been to see Michael twice now for back and leg issues, and both times I have been so impressed with his treatment using the Emmett technique, and it has really helped. Michael is friendly and kind, and completely understood my issues and by the end of both sessions my pain had reduced by 80% and I had far more freedom of movement than when I arrived. I would highly recommend him to help with any pain or discomfort.


(lower back & leg pain) 2019

I came to Michael with a shoulder injury through my yoga practice. Not having heard of Emmett therapy before I wasn’t sure what to expect. Michael was extremely helpful in explaining how the therapy worked before actually treating me. He made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. The treatment itself was so incredible (giving me instant increased mobility of my injured shoulder) that I returned for another treatment before I left brighton to return to essex. Since getting home I realised how impressive Emmett therapy is for injuries and facilitating opening of joints and lengthening of muscles that I have now registered myself to take the training as an Emmett practitioner to help my own yoga & fitness clients.
I’m extremely happy that I found Michael and not only that he enabled my physical recovery but that his therapy led me to continuous development of my own personal training. Thanks so much Mike! You’re quite fabulous!


(injured shoulder while attending Yoga Training) 2019

I’ve been seeing Michael for massages while on maternity leave. He was incredibly accommodating, allowing my mum to look after my baby daughter in his living room, while I was next door receiving treatment. He was very flexible with timings, which meant that if my daughter overslept during her naps, he could normally still fit me in. This made the whole logistics of having a baby but needing a massage much easier, as there are very few places that allow you to bring your child with you. In terms of treatment I had been suffering from a bad back, with lots of tension in shoulders, often brought on from constant breastfeeding and carrying my daughter. After the first treatment I could already feel the immediate benefit, my shoulders were less tense, and I had a greater range of mobility in my neck, that had been so stiff for a number of months. Michael is an incredibly thorough therapist, who takes his time to ask you questions about your range of movement and endeavours to identify the source of any discomfort. He discusses all courses of actions with you, so you are always aware of what is being worked on and treated. Unfortunately I am now back at work and have less free time, but if I felt I needed a massage, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to book in with Michael again.


(back & shoulder pain from carrying daughter) 2019

What was the problem you needed help with before we started working together?

I have an on going issue with hip pain and shoulder/neck ache due to exercise and work.

Why did you choose to visit me for help?….and what (if any) worries or concerns did you have before attending?

I had read your personal statement and was intrigued by your wealth of knowledge and the Emmett technique.

What has the process been like of working with me?

Amazing! Very successful and fun.

What is the one (or two) best results you have got from working with me?

The Emmett Technique is fascinating and incredible, after one session my hip pain had gone, Michael’s massage is also very strong and relieved a lot of tension and discomfort in my shoulder and neck. Absolutely wonderful!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would highly recommend having treatment from you, you are confident, knowledgeable, relaxed and professional. The results are amazing and successful. Thank you!


(hip, shoulder & neck pain) 2018

I had suffered from a frozen shoulder for quite a while, and had been to my GP for different treatments, but nothing had worked. As Michael was my neighbour I asked for his advice… In all I have had four massages and my shoulder is so much better in that I can move it more so then I ever could before. I would highly recommend Michael Jarvis Massage!


(couldn't sleep from pain in shoulder, v little range of movement) 2019

I had tense shoulders and also was experiencing shin pain from running. I was given a very thorough consultation on what he thought would work best. The treatment really helped reduce tension and discomfort, i would definitely recommend Michael.


(tension in shoulders & shin pain) 2019

Went to see Michael to treat a long term jaw issue and I can’t believe the difference after only the first session! I didn’t think my jaw was fixable but so much progress has been made already. Thank you Michael!


(restricted movement of a painful jaw) 2018

My problem was my right ankle, I was unable to run due to a burning sensation.

I found Michael by accident, he came into my shop looking for wood flooring, when I did my site measure I discovered that Michael could help me to get back to my running again which he did within 6 sessions.

Very professional service offered with fantastic results & such a friendly guy with plenty of knowledge.

Michael has worked wonders on me, I’m back now to running without pain in my right ankle. Michael also noticed that my right shoulder wasn’t doing a full rotation, and within 2 sessions I had full movement in my shoulder.

Highly recommended, very professional with good knowledge of the human body.


(painful ankle & shoulder) 2019

I am a sub elite athlete, have been an England marathon runner, and I average 70 to 90 miles a week. I really aspire to keep on running, and prevention of injuries through massages and soft tissue therapy play a part and are my biggest reason to partner with Michael at Restore Fitness Therapies. The treatments are personalised to how I am feeling, what my workloads have been but also what he can suggest when diagnosing my legs and lower back. Personally I favour deep tissue work….to keep fatigue and stress away from joints and muscles…I also find the therapy also helps my mental wellbeing….After the treatment I have a sense of achievement similar to that of a good work out, as I know I am looking after myself.


sub elite runner, 10K, HM, Marathons - (MOT/injury prevention massage) 2018

What was your situation like before we started working together?

I have had massages for many years to help me keep mobile, and pain free, due to problems with my back, neck and hip. This was always my priority but I have had long term RSI for years in my right arm, which has been hindering my ability to paint, play the piano, and type, more and more.

When I moved to Brighton in December 2017…. I also wanted someone who I could regularly come to who would get to know my problem areas to keep me on the straight and narrow – as it where!

What reservations (if any) did you have about working with me before?

Just whether the treatment would be effective, and whether you would understand the various issues I have, without my clinical knowledge and terms to explain them. Also, I didn’t want to seem to be a drama queen or hypochondriac. I was slightly worried about coming to someone’s house, but it is a lovely room, light, warm and fresh room (also the music is very relaxing).

What has the process of working with me been like?

It has been a pleasant and calming experience, and your knowledge shines through. You have a lovely, sunny, positive and caring manor. The first meeting was very thorough, and you took time to build a relationship with me…..I like the fact that you can find/have found areas to improve, (some of which I wasn’t aware of), and work on them, but also suggest exercises to improve these myself. I have also enjoyed the balance of quiet and conversation, as these are also times for me when I can rest and switch off. Also, if I say I am fatigued, I think you adapt the conversation to this which is appreciated.

What is one (or two) of the best results you have got from working with me?

I particularly, liked the exercise to loosen the muscles on the front of my chest, they were always sore, but I thought that was the way they had to be. My arm is improved, although I have to be honest and say I haven’t used my arm really to paint for some time, so it hasn’t been tested properly. But I think your treatments combined with regular pilates, has helped me to feel stronger and more mobile and less crunchy.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My view is that maintenance for me is necessary, and it is hard to know whether I could come too much, but I suppose time will tell….any guidance would be appreciated. But then again I suppose it is my body so I am the one to know. I would happily recommend you to others!


(longterm RSI in right arm, painful back, neck and hip) 2018

What was the problem you needed help with before we started working together?

I had been suffering from back pain (lower and upper), shoulder pain, some knee issues.

Why did you choose to visit me for help?….and what (if any) worries or concerns did you have before attending?

It was clear solutions were required as the problems were not going away.

What has the process been like of working with me?

So far so good. The results are good so far, and I also feel like I am learning a lot, which will hopefully impact in the long run.

What is the one (or two) best results you have got from working with me?

So far, it is hard to say, but, short-term, the pain has reduced in intensity and I imagine this will continue as sessions progress. The improvement in mindset is also good, as I feel as though I can begin to manage and mitigate the issues and get myself moving forwards again.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Genuinely impressed with just how good it was. I knew you were good, but didn’t realise anyone could be that good.


(painful back & shoulders, and knee pain) 2019

What was the problem you needed help with before we started working together?

A stiff shoulder and lower back pain.

Why did you choose to visit me for help?….and what (if any) worries or concerns did you have before attending?

Highly recommended by my daughter

What has the process been like of working with me?

It was the best massage. I felt you certainly got to the core of the problems. The deep tissue technique really had results and was surprisingly relaxing. I shall certainly return.

What is the one (or two) best results you have got from working with me?

The lightness in my shoulders and also the information about posture and muscle control.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have tried very hard to put testimonials online. I do not do Facebook and couldn’t find the link to do a review. I would if I could.


(stiff shoulder & lower back pain) 2019

What was the problem you needed help with before you attended your free consultation/taster?

Long term swelling to knee which was progressively getting worse (kneeling was particular painful). New pain around ankle which may/may not be related to the knee pain. Ideally I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help the problems myself before heading to my GP about them.

What (if any) worries or concerns did you have before attending?

I was unsure whether there was anything Michael could recommend other than ‘go to your GP’!

What was the process like of working with me during the consultation/taster?

Michael listened fully to the issues I had with my leg. Whilst he did recommend that I still see a GP he also provided very sensible and practical advice as to what I could do to reduce the pain and swelling. This included posture and movement (e.g. thinking about how I use the knee and how I get down to kneel), support, stretches and massage. He carried out some localised massage on the knee and lower leg which immediately relieved some of the pain. All of his advice was followed up in written form via email a day or so later.

What was the one best thing you got out of attending the consultation/taster?

I really liked that the recommendations Michael gave were so achievable. It’s very easy when you get ‘generic’ advice to think ‘well that won’t work for me’ and to ignore it! But because Michael took time to discuss the issues around my knee we were able to troubleshoot problems. For instance, while we discussed that rest would be the best thing for my leg, this is not practical for me as I have two children under three who I’m constantly chasing after, changing, feeding, bathing, etc. Therefore, we talked about other adaptations I could make instead. As the feedback is tailored to me it’s absolutely workable and I’m already seeing an improvement with the pain and swelling.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Michael was really lovely, very professional and made me feel very much at ease. I absolutely recommend him to anyone else suffering with leg pain.


(swollen painful ankle and knee) 2018

I came to Michael with a lot of pain… I have fractured my shoulder and was given a support collar to wear. As a result of this necessary support of my arm my neck and back muscularly were extremely tight and painful. Michael took great care to find a way to give me deep tissue massage – I was unable to lie down so he found a good sitting position and made sure I was comfortable … the massage helped very much .. also I was feeling fragile (!) and it was really comforting to be treated so kindly … on every level just what I needed.


(painful back and neck, recovering from broken arm) 2017

What a great massage thank you Mike. Went to see Mike with a shoulder injury that was very painful sending shooting pain up my neck after just one treatment the pain subsided and within two days my shoulder was more or less back to normal . I am just back from my 2nd treatment which was bliss ! ( although painful at times but good pain! ).I can highly recommend Mike he is really knowledgeable and passionate about his massage and he has that magic that not all massage therapists have. Looking forward to my next treatment!


(shoulder injury) 2017

As someone who has on/off back problems to the extent where I’ve had to take time off work, I’ve tried many different osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors, physiotherapists over the years. I have found that Michael’s care, treatment and knowledge has helped me enormously. I particularly like his professional holistic approach i.e. he takes into account the whole body including how emotions such as stress can be held in muscles. The exercises he has suggested to help strengthen my back are helping too. I’ve actually come away realising that I can do something to help prevent further problems.


(aching back, stress and tension) 2016

I had my first massage with Michael today and I feel fabulous afterwards. I have a few issues – frozen shoulder, bad posture due to years sat at an office desk on a computer and I also do British Military Fitness which can take its toll sometimes. Michael recommended a deep tissue massage – I wish I’d discovered these years ago. I truly feel that it was of real benefit to me. I’ve had lots of massages in the past and whilst they have been nice I’ve never felt that they were actually sorting anything out. Michael clearly knows what he is talking about and I’m already looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you!


(stiff and painful back and shoulders) 2017

I went to Michael for sports massage as my neck and shoulders were very tense. What an enjoyable relaxing experience. I was very impressed that after just one visit my muscles felt much more relaxed and mobile. Michael was knowledgeable and his massage was top notch! Highly recommend. Thank you.


(tight neck and shoulders) 2016

Dear Mike, Thank you for your time and expert care yesterday. I was impressed by your knowledge and professional approach. The massage definitely helped to reduce the pain in my left arm and shoulder! Kind regards,


(arm & shoulder pain) 2016

Hi Michael, Thank you for the massage yesterday. It was effective and confident, and a nice chance to know what sports massage is like. I felt my legs lighter immediately on the way home. The next day, I noticed the hamstring (biceps femoris?) of my bad side leg had gained more flexibility and extension. It seemed to protect my knee when l walk some distances. Hope to see you soon.


(RSI in arm used for painting, painful knee) 2016

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