Pain & Discomfort

Where are you at?

You are suffering from pain and discomfort from either a recent minor injury, or an ongoing chronic injury, and you need to find a solution. Maybe you have been suffering for a day or more, or perhaps it’s been ongoing for weeks or months and you have had enough.

What problems might you be facing?

You’re worried that the pain won’t go away, and might get worse if left. Maybe your livelihood, and/or sporting endeavours, are being affected. Perhaps normal daily activities, like walking around, or carrying the shopping, or being able to pick up the kids, are feeling impossible. You want to reverse the situation and get back to being fit and able.

What you need help with right now?

You need someone to work closely with you to help you one step at a time, with tailored treatments, to overcome your pain and discomfort and get you back to moving and feeling better.

How can I help you?

You are not alone anymore. Sessions at my treatment room will give you access to all the support you need to get out of your pain and discomfort. I will take you through a full consultation, understand your goals (short and long-term) and help you track them against progress made. I will then tailor your sessions accordingly. You will also receive personalised advice on self-care so you can help also yourself at home.

It all starts with the NEW CLIENT OFFER.

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