MOTs & Prevention

Where are you at?

1) You spend a lot of time sitting and this makes you worry about your posture and the likelihood of developing chronic pain in your back, neck and shoulders. You often feel stiff in the mornings, and after you’ve been sitting for long periods.

2) You are often physically active, taking part in events, playing in sports teams, and want to make sure any stiffness and niggles are caught early. You recognise that regular muscle relief therapy should be part of any training plan.

What problems might you be facing?

You feel the occasional aches and pains and want to nip them in the bud. You want to continue to move freely and feel confident in your body’s movement. You try to do all the stretching exercises you’ve been taught, but they don’t always help. You worry that if you continue to ignore the stiffness and the niggles, they might develop into something more serious.

What you need help with right now?

You understand that ongoing maintenance of your body’s muscles is the best prevention to getting injured. You need someone to work closely with you to help you, who will tailor your treatments to help you stay fit and able, and keep injury and stiffness at bay.

How can I help you?

You are not alone anymore. Sessions at my treatment room will give you access to all the support you need to give your body regular MOTs and help you avoid injury. I will take you through a full consultation, understand your goals (short and long-term) and help you track them against progress made. I will then tailor your sessions accordingly. You will also receive personalised advice on self-care so you can help also yourself at home.

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