I work with men & women to release their muscle tension, helping them get out of immediate pain, move better and feel better.

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Here is how I can help you

Pain & Discomfort

  • I am in immediate pain & discomfort from either a minor injury, a recent operation, or an ongoing chronic injury, and am worried it will get worse.
  • I can’t sleep, and I don’t want to keep taking painkillers.
  • I need someone who can assess and treat my situation, improve my body movement, and help me feel better again.
  • In the past I have been recommended physios, but I was just given exercises which didn’t really help. I need relief from my muscle aches and pains.
  • I am looking for a muscle tension specialist in the Brighton & Hove area who is easy to get to, with FREE parking, and who can see me quickly.

MOTs & Prevention

  • I understand that ongoing maintenance is the best prevention from injury.
  • I am sitting a lot at desks, in cars or trains commuting, and worry about my posture and the likelihood of developing chronic pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I feel the occasional aches and niggles and want to nip them in the bud.
  • I am physically active and want to ensure I can both train and compete at my best.
  • I have just recovered from injury, or have suffered from injury in the past, and want to maintain the status quo and help prevent further injury.
  • I have been recommended by my GP/physio/osteopath/chiropractor to have Massage Therapy but am not sure where to go.

Relax & Unwind

  • I carry my stress in my body, often in my upper back, neck and shoulders, which can also lead to headaches.
  • I am on my feet all day.
  • I don’t feel injured physically, but am feeling tired and exhausted and need a boost.
  • I want to get a better night’s sleep so I can get my energy back which will massively help with both my family life and working life.
  • I love the sound of Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stones Massage, and the EMMETT Technique and how these techniques could help me relax.
  • I have been recommended by my GP/Counsellor/Occupational Health to have Massage Therapy to help me manage my stress and tension, but am not sure where to go.

Here is what my clients are saying

I have been to see Michael twice now for back and leg issues, and both times I have been so impressed with his treatment using the Emmett technique, and it has really helped. Michael is friendly and kind, and completely understood my issues and by the end of both sessions my pain had reduced by 80% and I had far more freedom of movement than when I arrived. I would highly recommend him to help with any pain or discomfort.


(lower back & leg pain) 2019

I can TOTALLY recommend Michael. I did the Dublin City Marathon yesterday #runthistown and I would not have gotten there in such good shape had it not been for my sessions with Michael over the past few months. And not just the physical help but all the advice on running as well. He has so much experience and a genuine wish to help us all get there. Thank you Michael!!!


(aching right hamstring & lower back) 2019

1)What was the problem you needed help with before we started working together?
I was having constant headaches which I believe were triggered (mostly) by a very tense neck, shoulders and lower back. One day I decided to have a hot stone massage and rather than going to the usual Spa, I decided to try my husband’s therapist (Michael). 

2)Why did you choose to visit me for help?….and what (if any) worries or concerns did you have before attending?
Apart from being my husband’s therapist, I started following Michael Jarvis Massage on Facebook. Every time I’d go on FB I’d see a post talking about the physical and mental benefits of a massage, specifically hot stone. That convinced me and it is when I decided to book the first session 6 months ago. 

3)What has the process been like of working with me?
It has worked perfectly for me as it is close to where I live, and you’re very flexible with the times too. Plus, you’re an expert on what you do!

4)What is the one (or two) best results you have got from working with me?
My headaches have reduced; neck, back and shoulders are not tense any more, or at least not as much as they used to be six months ago. The massages have also worked perfectly to release any muscular tension after my gym workouts. 

5)Is there anything else you would like to add?
I’m totally satisfied with the results of having my massage every month. I can definitely see the difference between going with Michael instead of a Spa as I get the best of a hot stone massage which is relaxing, combined with a more clinical approach. 
Hope this is useful. I really can’t stress enough how much I enjoy my massage! 
See you next week =) 

(Tension headaches resulting from tense shoulders, neck & back) 2019

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It all starts with the NEW CLIENT OFFER.

To claim your NEW CLIENT OFFER simply click on the button below, book yourself in, and I’ll be in touch with more details.